Welcome to Tokyo Mushinkan

The Tokyo Branch of the Mushinkan concentrates its studies on the classical kata of karatedo, mainly from the Naha-te tradition, as a method of practical self-defense. The core kata of our group is as follows:

1. Sanchin
2. Seisan
3. Sanseiru
4. Suparinpei
5. Naifanchi
6. Tensho

Although the above kata form the basic core of our training, we also study the following kata:

7. Saifa
8. Seienchin
9. Shisochin
10. Seipai
11. Kururunfa
12. Sochin
13. Niseishi
14. Unshu

Much time is also spent on physical conditioning with and without equipment; tegumi and other drills as taught by Patrick McCarthy, and kakie (a rough and tumble form of Okinawan Push-Hands Sparring).

Finally we would like to thank Carl McGee for building this site for us.

Up coming events:

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